The Cypress trees of Bolgheri, tall and regal, leading from San Guido in double file, giant youngsters, almost running, leapt before me and watched me…

With this poetry, Giosué Carducci crowned Bolgheri as one of the places representing the truest, most authentic, and unforgettable, Tuscany.
Before San Guido, poetry once more brings to life the uniqueness of the atmosphere that can only be experienced at Bolgheri, timeless and characterized by idyllic vistas and the tranquility of the little villages with their real, friendly, welcoming people always ready to meet newcomers.
Traversing the avenue of cypresses is a unique moment that can leave an indelible impression on the traveler, a straight road with undulations that recall the sweet movements of the waves of the sea, two straight lines of ancient cypresses that shade the road, and all around the endless countryside of the Maremma, fields of wheat, woods, great oak trees, soft hills, sunflowers.
The great gate in the wall of the Castel of Bolgheri invites the traveler to discover a rare pearl, a medieval village of lanes, here and there craft workshops and a goodly number of restaurants and wine bars, art galleries, and boutiques; this is Bolgheri, a place for demanding tourists looking for really special places all year round.
Dinner in one of Bolgheri’s many restaurants is a true pleasure for the palate and the senses; romanticism and local cuisine with attention to comfort and top-quality service make the restaurants of Bolgheri a must for intimate dinners or get-togethers with friends.
The lively young spirit that is typically Tuscan, and especially of the Maremma, bestows unforgettable moments upon the tourist who is able to appreciate the trueness of the people and places visited.

History of Bolgheri
The name Bolgheri probably derives from an ancient Bulgarian settlement created here during the continual fighting between Florence and Pisa.
The noble Family of the Gherardesca, current owner of the Castel of Bolgheri, has at various times reconstructed and improved Bolgheri.

Wines of Bolgheri
Another source of fame for Bolgheri is its red wines, which owe their high quality to the particular characteristics of the soil and the dry, sunny and moderately airy microclimate.
Well established in the area are vines of Bordeaux origin, such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot, bringing excellent qualities to the various types of wine.
Among the most famous are Sassicaia and Masseto, the first made by the Incisa della Rocchetta Family, the second by the Tenuta dell'Ornellaia property.
Equally excellent are many other wines bearing the "Bolgheri DOC" denomination, where the native Sangiovese combines perfectly with Cabernet and Merlot.
Bolgheri offers visitors important events such as Bolgheri Melody and other praiseworthy initiatives that make it a destination not to be missed; getting married in Bolgheri is a true dream that attracts more and more couples who surrender to the charm of this enchanted place.
Boutique hotels in Bolgheri, holiday houses and B & B’s in the area, can receive an international clientele, while surrounding villages also worth a visit, such as Castagneto Carducci and Bibbona, also offer accommodations in Tuscan farmhouses and romantic restaurants.
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