Etruscan Coast

Livorno / Quercianella / Castiglioncello / Rosignano / Cecina / Bibbona / Bolgheri / Donoratico / San Vincenzo / Campiglia Marittima / Suvereto / Baratti / Populonia / Piombino

The Etruscan Coast is the strip that stretches from Livorno to Piombino. It comprises a large number of coastal developments and mediaeval settlements inland, near the sea. Recognised as one of Italy’s least spoiled areas, the Etruscan Coast has not suffered from an onslaught of mass tourism and is one of the most fascinating, evocative areas of the Tyrrhenian coast. There are fantastic mediaeval settlements just twenty minutes from the seaside, from which it’s easy to visit both resorts and the fascinating historical towns that are immersed in the traditional Italian scrubby woodland and surrounded by the views for which Tuscany is known and loved around the world.

The seaside resorts of the Etruscan Coast
Leaving Livorno and heading south, we find the centres of Quercianella and Castiglioncello, which are famous for their cliffs overhanging the sea and their numerous gulfs, many of which can only be accessed by the sea.
Rosignano Marittimo is known for its striking white beaches which, with their expanses of fine white sand and sky-blue waters, are reminiscent of a tropical paradise.
Cecina Mare, Bibbona, Donoratico, San Vincenzo, Populonia and Baratti feature marvellous sandy and rocky beaches and crystalline waters of a limpid emerald green. These beaches almost always receive awards for their unspoiled purity. In fact, these stretches of sea have been catalogued among the cleanest waters in Italy. All of these jewels of the sea are set in an immense pine forest that cloaks the whole area. The forest was planted during the Reign of the Granduca di Toscana to drain the marshiest areas. Today, this pine forest is a vast public treasure with thousands of hectares of land on which ancient green pines protect the immediate area from sea winds and water erosion. Walking in these tall forests and discovering panoramic views and sunsets over the sea, between pines and fine sand, is an experience not to be missed.

The old towns of the Etruscan Coast
Less than twenty minutes from the coast one leaves vast beaches and rocky cliffs to experience the peacefulness of fascinating mediaeval settlements set in the unspoiled Mediterranean brush, nestled in the rural landscapes that have made Tuscany one of the world’s best-loved destinations. Bibbona Paese, Bolgheri, Campiglia Marittima, Suvereto and Populonia are some of the loveliest old towns of the Etruscan Coast. Bolgheri, in particular, is known around the world for its marvellous wines, which include Sassicaia, a real icon of Italian produce and Tuscan standards. It is also famous for its cypress-lined avenue—loved by the poet Carducci and admired by all—and for its history, architecture, romantic restaurants and timeless atmosphere. These treasures make Bolgheri a rare gem indeed, and visiting Bolgheri is not to be missed for anyone who wants to make their trip to Tuscany extra special.

Luxury hotels on the Etruscan Coast, yachting, real estate and personalised services
On the Etruscan Coast one can live in true Tuscan style thanks to a multitude of four-star hotels. There are historic residences, castles to rent, ports that service luxury yachts, and Tuscany yacht charter services on the coast and on the islands offshore, the Tuscan Archipelago. The landscape is dotted with ancient, abandoned look-out towers, Saracen manors, castles overlooking the sea and villages perched on cliffs or on the tips of smooth-contoured hills. Real estate investment services, thermal baths and spas, luxury items such as perfume and wine and mouth-watering cuisine cater splendidly to even the most demanding travellers.

Tourist information about the Etruscan Coast
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