A city worth exploring for its important port and its special atmosphere, Livorno (still known in the international maritime community by its “English” name of Leghorn) is the most important Tuscan commercial and tourist port, and one of the most important in Italy.
The particularity of Livorno derives from its relative “youth”, the city not having a true Italian-style historic center, even while possessing old structures such as the Old Fortress and the “Medicean Canals”.
The city is home to the Naval Academy, which boasts the presence of one of the world’s most prestigious and envied ships, the Amerigo Vespucci, a historic sailing ship and pride of the Italian Navy.
As well as the important Naval Academy, Livorno presents a beautiful seafront with, at its center, Piazza Mascagni, a huge and artistically important square.
The city, developed in the late 16th century thanks to the Medici family, flourished until the early 19th century.
Thanks to its harbor, Livorno could trade with the rest of the world and, as the port of disembarkation for the entire region, was a favorite location for elite tourism directed at the renowned Tuscan watering places.
That period saw the arrival of the rich bourgeoisie that beautified the town with beautiful villas and residences.
Along the Livornese coast, one can enjoy the sight of villas and proprieties recalling that lucky period, and some of them are rentable.
Unfortunately, today’s Livorno has lost its baths and many properties are disused.
However, thanks to certain projects, the city is steadily regaining its ancient splendor.
An obligatory point of access for the Etruscan Coast, Livorno is one of Tuscany’s most beautiful and well-hidden areas.
Livorno is worth a stay for the spontaneity of its inhabitants and its excellent local cuisine. With a string of beautiful towns such as Quercianella, Castiglioncello, Cecina, Donoratico, San Vincenzo, Baratti and Populonia, the Livorno coast can boast one of the most beautiful seashores in Italy, with small bays, splendid natural sandy beaches, immense pinewoods, medieval fortresses perched on rocky cliffs, and romantic Medicean lookout towers.    
Excellently placed for reaching nearby Pisa and Lucca, the town is also not far from Florence and Siena.

Tourist information
Livorno Tourist Bureau
Indirizzo Via S. Anna - 55100 Livorno
Tel. +39 0586 257 441

Head Office: 16 Bd DE CESSOLE 06100 Nizza - FRANCIA - T: +33 665 66 99 26
Ufficio Toscana: Piazza Barontini 38 - 57023 Cecina - LIVORNO - T: +39 348 82 62 417


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