A town with a fascinating historic center characterized by numerous towers in stone and marble.
In ancient times, the city of Lucca was renowned for its many stone-built towers that symbolized the greater or lesser importance of noble families.
Among the most particular still in existence is the Guinigi tower, taking its name from the family that built it.
The particularity of this tower is the garden on the top, with an enormous Ilex tree, and from which there is a view of the town.
Enclosed within the famed majestic city wall, Lucca offers the visitor a romantic walk along the tree-shaded avenue on top of the wall, and a town center that has remained intact through the centuries.
The disposition of the city reflects, and sometimes maintains, that of the ancient streets and lanes.
The town is rich in things to interest the visitor including artistically very interesting churches, and it is a pleasure to lose oneself in the maze of tiny streets in the center, to enjoy to the maximum the welcome from the Lucchese people, famous as traders and producers of fine silks and foods.

Luxury hotels in Lucca & hospitality in Tuscan historic residences
Lucca and its surroundings are rich in historic residences, many of which let apartments, rooms or entire properties for weddings or receptions.
The villas of Lucca are generally surrounded by beautiful parks and sculpted gardens, with their characteristic cypresses, one of the symbols of Tuscany.
Other residences have been transformed into 4 or 5-star hotels for the pleasure of those who appreciate the beauty and fascination of places full of history and charm.

Garfagnana and Versilia
The Garfagnana is part of Lucca’s country, with breathtaking views of typical Tuscan countryside, while the coastal Versilia is better known for its nightlife, especially in the summer.
Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi and Marina di Pietrasanta are the main centers of attraction in this latter area.

The position of Lucca favors easy transfer to the most important places in Tuscany: Florence, Siena, and Pisa can be quickly reached.

Lucca Tourist Information
Lucca Tourist Bureau
A.P.T. LUCCA    
Via Guidicciani, 2 - 55100 Lucca    
Tel. +39 0583 91 991    
Fax:  +39 0583 490 766

Head Office: 16 Bd DE CESSOLE 06100 Nizza - FRANCIA - T: +33 665 66 99 26
Ufficio Toscana: Piazza Barontini 38 - 57023 Cecina - LIVORNO - T: +39 348 82 62 417


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