The Maremma is a large geographical region, its borders difficult to define, that lies in Tuscany and Lazio and which faces the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Dante Alighieri fixed its limits as being between the River Cecina and Tarquinia:
“The wild beasts that find no home
in the cultivated fields between Cecina and Corneto
find refuge in the thick, harsh bush of the Maremma”
(Dante, Inferno, XIII, 7)

Thanks to the nineteenth-century water and agricultural reclamation carried out by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, the Maremma changed from being a swampy, impenetrable place to that of a prospering fertile plain.
The reclamation, given the very large area, was an audacious undertaking, worthy of the ancient Romans, and made the Grand Duchy of Tuscany one of the most flourishing and strategically interesting lands of the period.
Since then, the course of events has made this part of Tuscany into one of the most fascinating and best-preserved environments in Italy.
Recent building along the coast has led to the formation of small settlements nestling in the beauty of the infinite pinewood that replaced swampy areas during the reclamation.
Inlets with beaches of the finest sand are hidden behind miles of pinewoods, and one of the features of particular attraction to top-level visitors is the presence of small bays, difficult to get to by land and sometimes reachable only from the sea, unusual places off the beaten track.
Coming from the north and passing the enchanting town of Cecina, one can visit a multitude of places on the coast and just inland that can really fascinate the traveler.
Among these are Bolgheri, the beaches of Bibbona and Donoratico, the Uccellina Natural Park, Populonia, the Bay of Baratti, historic centers such as Massa Marittima, Sorano, Pitigliano, Sovana, coast towns like Castiglione della Pescaia, the port of Punta Ala, Porto Santo Stefano, Porto Ercole, the historic Saturnia Hot Springs, and the Argentario Peninsula, just some of the rare pearls that capture the hearts of thousands of tourists and people from the entertainment world who more and more choose this area as a retreat into peace and quiet.

The Maremma abounds in real old architectural jewels along the coast or inland, true historic monuments that bear witness to a past rich in fascinating traditions and to the noble families that skilfully turned the Maremma into a private earthly paradise.
Fascinating four-star hotels with high-level services are the proud boast of a region that is appreciated by the many but really known in depth only by the few.
For lovers of quiet places far from the madding crowd and urban stress, the Maremma is the ideal place for a vacation, one’s wedding, a special event or for real-estate investment.
In the Maremma, thanks to the great number of family seats of noble Tuscan families, it is possible to be a guest in a castle or historic residence, in some cases still enjoying the sight of generations of the family’s own furnishings.
For those looking for an enchanting spot for a wedding, the Maremma offers fascinating hidden corners that can be found only in Tuscany, with every invitee taking away the indelible memory of a unique experience.

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