Ideally placed near Florence, Siena is a center of great importance in the world of Tuscan art history.
For centuries a rival to Florence, today Siena enjoys a very particular atmosphere, different from other cities and giving it an air of distinguished elegance.
Far from being "invaded" by hordes of curiosity seekers, Siena is home to cultured visitors who are attentive to the quality of life.
Despite being one of Tuscany’s major tourist attractions, the city always manages to remain distinctive and protect itself against mass tourism.
The town is an enchanting historic settlement with at the center reigned over by “Piazza del Campo", where the famous "Palio di Siena" horserace has been held since 1656.
The particular shape of the square follows the lines of the ancient medieval spaces, with an arc of facades of elegant dwellings forming the perimeter of the square.
Like a sun, Piazza del Campo is the fulcrum of the city, a convergence of streets and lanes full of fine boutiques and typical shops with gastronomic products.
The site of the old Roman forum, the area was initially that of a town market; today, medieval buildings, open-air cafes, restaurants and trattorias surround the piazza, commonly called the Campo.
However, the fascination of Siena does not lie only in the center. It is in a strategic position as an ideal base for visiting Chianti country and losing oneself in unforgettable Tuscan countryside.
Setting out from Siena, it is easy to reach not only Florence but also lesser centers of great historical and artistic interest such as Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Colle Val D'Elsa, and Montalcino...
The area around Siena is packed with small medieval settlements that are truly worth a visit, as it is in these places that the true heart of Tuscany can be found, hidden gems that no guidebook can reveal.
Romantic restaurants, castles, historic residences, charming small hotels; it is practically impossible to list them all.

The best way to discover the countryside of Siena without getting lost !
By following the Chianti Road, you can find internationally-famous names offering "Tuscan Style" tasting of fine wines that are appreciated all over the world.  
The wine aficionado, the historian, or simply the tourist who likes the finer things in life, will find in Siena and its territory one of the most fascinating places on earth.

Where to stay in Siena
The historic center boasts some luxury hotels of great refinement and historic value, even if we must not forget the possibility of staying in castles or historic residences found throughout the immensity of the Tuscan countryside.
Around Siena, there is also a multitude of prestige Bed & Breakfasts, for rooms in characteristic old Tuscan farmhouses, and which can satisfy the most demanding guests in terms of quality of life.

A curiosity
The origins of Siena and its name are wrapped in legend: some state that Senio, son of Romulus, founded the city, while others would rather attribute to the Etruscans its origins, named Saena.

Tourist information
Siena Tourist Office
Indirizzo Via di Città, 43 - 53100 Siena  
Tel. +39 0577 42 209  
Fax: 0577 281 041
Head Office: 16 Bd DE CESSOLE 06100 Nizza - FRANCIA - T: +33 665 66 99 26
Ufficio Toscana: Piazza Barontini 38 - 57023 Cecina - LIVORNO - T: +39 348 82 62 417


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