About us

Tuscany-Excellence.com is the perfect synergy between :
The most innovative forms of web communication.
- Technology applied to achieve the best ease of access and optimization necessary to feature in the top position on the search engines.
- Journalistic know-how, with writers from the top tourist, historical and cultural magazines.

The aim of this guide is to be an apt and innovative means of communication. Our ambition is to propose a new quality standard and to distinguish the website, by means of its useful services and unique style.

Tuscany-Excellence.com has precise and firm objectives:
- to provide tailor made visibility to those clients who wish to reach a discerning audience.
- to be an indispensable source of inspiration and information for those who recognize the value of a well informed travel experience and who appreciate the privilege of being a guest in the most sumptuous of places whether that is a historic castle, a heritage venue, a four-star luxury hotel or a lavish, tuscany elegant villa for rent.
- to provide advice on the exclusive places and services in Tuscany.

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Ufficio Toscana: Piazza Barontini 38 - 57023 Cecina - LIVORNO - T: +39 348 82 62 417 info@net-excellence.com


Net Excellence has developed an International Network of internet portals. Right from the first portal dedicated to the French Riviera published in 2005, Net Excellence has developed collaborations and networking with important companies operating in the luxury sector. Today, this network of portals makes possible an internet connection between a number of destinations visited by people with high purchasing power, and who use our portals to seek and acquire top-notch services.
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