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Selected luxury hotels in Florence / 5-star hotels Florence

Florence was, at one glorious moment, the cradle of the Renaissance as well as being the seat of important noble and chivalrous houses. This important past has made this town one of the most visited and fascinating places in the world.

The many hotels in Florence, luxury ones on the Cathedral square or 5-star Luxe hotels on Ponte Vecchio testify to an important international tourist presence with high purchasing power.
Be they modern Florentine luxury hotels, or historic residences in Florence transformed into luxury hotels or historic buildings such as convents or Renaissance palaces now magnificent luxury hotels in Florence, they are all able to surprise the  demanding traveler who appreciates the prestige of living in an elegant ambience with a unique past, in many cases redolent of memories, stories or anecdotes that make them even more fascinating.

Florence, even more than any other art city, has a hidden fascination that is revealed only to the careful traveler who has the intelligence or luck to be guided by expert local Florentine-born guides, as the “secret” stories and interpretations can come only from a “true Florentine”, not from a book.
In many cities with an abundant hotel offer, there is a lack of something that is well established and has been handed down through the generations in Florence : the genuine hospitality of real people who receive their clients with pleasure and not, as in so many cases, just as a duty.
Many hotels in Florence can boast furnishings of great artistic and antiquarian value, there being very many craft workers and antiquarians who have for centuries handed on a tradition that is the first in Italy in preservation and true value.
Florentines may in some cases appear to be abrupt, but this is what makes them sincere, and the hospitality in luxury hotels in Florence reflects this straightforwardness that is willingly simple but never foregone, always elegant and refined.

Charm Hotels in Florence and Boutique Hotels in Florence are feathers in the Italian hotel tradition cap and Tuscany Excellence has chosen for you some luxury hotels in Florence that best represent the hospitality of this magnificent city. The reservation service can boast preferential rates and the credit card is requested only as a guarantee; payment will be made directly at the hotel.
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