Lucignanello Bandini

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Lucignanello Bandini

The Historical Residence Lucignanello Bandini is situated in the southernmost tip of Tuscany, in the tiny village of Lucignano d’Asso, an half hour’s drive from Siena.
The hamlet consists of two stony roads, two churches, a castle, a quaint little store and a number of smaller houses that look out across rolling fields and Tuscany landscapes. The muted pinks, beiges and pale ochers of Lucignano’s ancient walls perfectly harmonize with the palette of the "Crete Senesi", the Sienese Claylands whose rich, pliant soil forms the body of those warm-hued terracotta pots and urns that are a feature of the area.

Accomodation in Tuscan historical residence / Village
The five houses for hire:
Casa Maria, Casa Severino, Casa Clementina, Casa Amedeo, Casa Remo within the hamlet and the independent villa, Casale Sarageto, all show how interior space, the building materials that contain it and the landscape outside can be reconciled in a constant interplay of light, color and form. Even the swimming pools blend in with their surroundings.
With finest furnishings, each home offers a beautifully balanced mixture of texture and tone: the pale-beige of local travertine, the warm hues of terracotta, seasoned wood, unusual hand-painted ceramics, pale jacquard textiles and bright printed cottons.
Any sojourn at Lucignanello Bandini is a rare pleasures, for many visitors, it is an experience that brings new life and depth to the landscapes glimpsed in the Sienese paintings of fourteenth century. For what seemed to be a portrayal of symbols, of abstracted and idealized nature, turns out to be tangible reality.
Many Italian historical painters were painting what they saw: a magical landscape that has changed little to this day. In Lucignanello, you can live the unusual experience of being within a painting !
Though inhabited since Roman times, it was during the Middle Ages that Lucignano acquired its dinstinctive urban shape and architectural identity.
The Historical Village Residence of Lucignanello is near of the most important and attractive travel destinations like Firenze and Siena.

Within 20/30 min. drive you find:
- Montalcino
stands on the top of a very tall hill that overlooks the valley, it is famous for its celebrated Brunello.
- Montepulciano, a jewel of renaissance between the valleys of Orcia and Chiana, is surrounded by gentler landscape and the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano along with Brunello is one of the greatest Tuscan wines.

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GPS coordinates: E 11.59220 - N 43.12370 - 61°

Head Office: 16 Bd DE CESSOLE 06100 Nizza - FRANCIA - T: +33 665 66 99 26
Ufficio Toscana: Piazza Barontini 38 - 57023 Cecina - LIVORNO - T: +39 348 82 62 417


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