Logistic Security Service

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Logistic Security Service

SECURITY SERVICE AGENCY THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU ! With us you can have a better visibility on internet contact us now at info@net-excellence.com
Tuscany security services and close protection solutions in Florence, Pisa, Maremma...
We employ only the most highly-trained personnel. Logistic Security Service cover a wide range of security requirements in Tuscany, from personal close protection and residential security through to event and event security.
In public or private – we offer the highest level of protection available.

Specialist consultants provide a detailed analysis of your individual circumstances, ensuring our service is tailored precisely to meet your needs.

LSS Services
Close Protection Services for VIP, businessman and all person that need 24 hour security

Residential Security
for villa in Tuscany

Tuscany Event Security
for concerts, stands, bilingual staff and woman agent if you need

Security services for private party

Security service for yacht : Bodyguard for yacht, Personal and equipment protection on pleasure crafts, also including onshore assistance.

Secure Transport in Tuscany

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